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Cs, Valve, Inc is staffed by highly qualified and experience professionals with many year successful in design and manufacturing of valves, especially Trunnion mounted Ball Valves.
Manufacturing facilities of CS Valve, Inc is located in Cheonan city, Koria. For more positive approach to USA and world market, manufacturing facility will start in operation in USA in 2016.
All the accurate machining technology and Quality Control System will be transferred to USA manufacturing facility for and reliable service to valve costumers.
Though scale is not big, CS Valve is aiming to supply the best quality valves for the customer’s satisfaction.




API 6D Side Entry Trunnion mounted Ball Valves in Carbon, Alloy and Stainless steel

ASME Class 150 2″~36″  
ASME Class 300 2″~36″ *Side Entry, Full and Reduced port
ASME Class 600 2″~36″ *Forged Body,End Cap,Seat Ring and Ball
ASME Class 900 2″~12″ *2 pc or 3 pc Body
ASME Class 1500 2″~24″ *Flanged or Butt Weld Ends
ASME Class 2500 2″~6″ *Lever/Gear/Actuator opration
API 6A 5000 psi 21/16″~71/16″  


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